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Q: Should I have my tub and tile refinished or have a liner installed?

A: For most customers having a tub and tile refinished will be sufficient. Tub liners can be expensive stating at $3000.00 and up and take weeks from start to finish. Refinishing cost less and the results for last for years.

Q: How long does a refinished surface last?

A: With proper care refinished tubs, countertops and tile should last between 15- 20 years before needing to be refinished again.

Q: What is the average amount of time it takes to complete a job?

A: To refinish a bathtub is about 3 hours. Tile another hour or two. Kitchen countertops take about 3 hours to complete.

Q: Can I cut on my refinished countertop?

A: No, As with most surfaces even stone cutting directly on a refinished countertop is a bad idea. Always use a cutting board.

Q: What should I clean my refinished tub or tile with?

A: Any non abrasive cleaner. When your bathtub or tile is refinished and it will be slick and shiny. Because it will not have a lot of pores you can wipe it off very easily. If you use abrasive cleaners it will sand the finish creating tiny pores for soap scum to hide in.

Q: When can I use my bathtub after having it refinished?

A: In most cases 4hr. after we are done you can use the bathtub,countertops and or tile 12hr.

Q: How much odor is associated with having my tub or shower refinished?

A: While the bathtub, tile or countertop is being refinished there will be a slight smell usually lasting 15 to 30 minutes. However we do use jet exhaustion fans to evacuate the odors.

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Bathtub refinishing non-skid surface $29.95 regularly $69.95 value. Order placed first time residential customers only.